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Georgia Development Partners

Georgia Development Partners Legacy

Company Milestones


Formed a partnership with Batson Cook Development Company, functioning as a Merchant Developer for national builders.


Obtained a General Contractor license and began focusing primarily on municipal construction management.


Experienced substantial growth, acquiring a single-entity owned company and transitioning into a wholly-owned company with existing management teams. Initiated self-performing practices, utilizing in-house personnel and equipment.


Acquired a Utility Contractor license, expanding capabilities to include self-performing underground utilities, stream restoration, demolition, and concrete work, evolving into a turnkey civil site work provider.


Transitioned from government bid contracting to emphasizing negotiated private-sector development initiatives.


Present day, serving diverse industries with specialized expertise in multi-utility site development, striving to become recognized as subject matter experts in the field, particularly as the utility contractor of choice.


Georgia Development Partners

Our Mission

At Georgia Development Partners, our mission is to be your trusted site development partner. We’re driven by integrity and fairness, always doing what’s right. We prioritize caring for you like partners.

Driven By Vision

We Value

Trust & Integrity

We prioritize trust and integrity, fostering strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and partners.


Our deep industry knowledge is the foundation of quality results and trusted service.


We embrace transparency and shared responsibility, holding ourselves accountable for our actions.


We value open, clear communication, a cornerstone of successful relationships and project outcomes.

Collaborative Partnerships

We foster partnerships within the industry, striving for shared success while upholding our values of trust and integrity.



Meet The Team


Sean Hart


Greg Ivey

Vice President

Leslie Stark

Chief Financial Officer

Lee Hensley

Vice President, Operations

Shawn O’Connor

Chief Estimator

Josh Raines

Pre-construction Manager

Kevin Lach

Project Manager

Michelle Luckie

HR Director

Missy Melton

Accounts Payable

J.W. Culbreth

Safety Director

Cayd Martin

Resource Manager

Kendrick Himes

GPS/Survey Manager

Brian Robles

Assistant Project Manager

Bryan Juarez

Estimating Engineer

Serving Our Community

Helping Those in Need

At Georgia Development Partners, we believe in sharing our blessings with others and do so through company-wide volunteer work days, financial contributions, and employee participation on non-profit boards. As our community provides for us, we must provide for our community.

Competitive Advantages

Our Foundation for Growth

Trusted Partnerships

Our commitment to building trust enables us to foster enduring partnerships, positioning us as a reliable ally for all site development needs.

Solutions-Driven Expertise

We approach every project with a solutions-driven mindset, offering innovative and practical solutions that address challenges and provide results.

Ethical Excellence

Focused on ethics, fairness, and doing the next right thing, we maintain the highest standards of integrity and responsibility throughout all our operations.

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

We provide comprehensive solutions through our wide range of site development services, streamlining project management, coordination, and service.

Experienced Team

Our team of experienced professionals ensures that each project benefits from our industry knowledge and track record of successful outcomes.

Community Impact

We positively impact the communities we serve, building the foundation for growth and prosperity through responsible development that benefits everyone involved.